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Life Happens When You're Planning Your Life

Planning our lives over these last 18 months has been a bit of a shit-show.

What can one say about these times that hasn't been said already? How does a person put into words the experiences they have been through without sounding like a broken record, self-loathing or superficial? I don't think you can. I believe we all are experiencing this time on this planet differently. For some it has been business as usual, with little change in day-to-day activities. Others have seen a boom in their lives, with discoveries and risks taken that could have only happened because of this pandemic. (Even to type that word so nonchalantly remains odd to me.) Still others continue to struggle with the added stresses now present in daily living. I won't get super deep, but here's an example of what my household has been through since March of 2020:

  • Death of a family dog

  • Loss of job

  • Kid from college moves back in

  • Online teaching of kindergarten

  • Immunocompromised spouse

  • New dog

  • Unexpected birth of a puppy (just one)

  • Closure of legal issues, 6 years in the making

  • Financial strain

  • 2 more kids from college move back in

  • Return to different previous employment

  • Unforeseen home repairs

Interestingly, as a family we have found we talk more openly about our feelings. Not super touchy-feely stuff, just where our heads are at any given time, why we feel less patient in general, how our moods are so quickly altered from the slightest of changes or forces and how our actions effect those around us - here and in the outside world. I can't remember a time in my life when conversations of real meaning have come more freely from the hearts and heads of those I hold dear. I am grateful for the shift in the way we talk to each other. I hope the same for you and yours.

And now I will get back to planning my life. One of the things I have let slip is my VO business. I am going to reengage with creating, growing and cultivating this part of my life again. I do know it will not be the same as it was.

Then again... what is?

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