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For a guy who talks for a living, I am at a loss for words. Not to say there isn't anything to share. It's just... I'm not sure what you want to know.

Am I a solid human? I think so. I live by the motto, "See the Good, Be the Good."

Do I work hard? My parents taught me that if you're going to do something, don't do it half-assed. And so far, they have been right.

Am I good at what I do? Yes, I am. Bonus points for the effort I put into my work, the willingness to learn & determination to get it right.

Do I take direction? Very well, I'm told. It's the only way I can give you what you want.

Is VO the only thing you do? N.. Get this... I drive a school bus and facilitate weddings. Both of these endeavors are fun and terrifying in their own special way.


Thank you for being here.

I appreciate it very much.

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