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Don't Forget Your Pants

Or you can choose to wear none – your call. That’s the beauty of working from home.

As I begin my journey of building this voice over business from our home, I am finding I possess traits that are both helpful and detrimental to my success. Here are just three attributes from both categories and how they propel or stifle me. The ones hindering growth are opportunities for me to find new ways to do things, making them strengths... or that’s my goal.

The Good:

· Desire – I want nothing more than to use my voice (both of them, but that’s a post for the future) to help people, organizations and movements tell their story. I yearn for a profession where I can use my natural skills for the good of the whole and break off a living in the process.

· Determined – Once I get something stuck in my craw, I have found it becomes almost an obsession. Not in a freaky/weird uncle kinda way, but a focused and dogged way. It gives me something to wake up for, to be excited about. I want to learn and grow.

· Interest – Entertaining, storytelling, acting, singing, frivolity and joy & merriment are embedded deep in my DNA. Communicating with others is where I am my best and truest self.

The Opportunity to Do Better:

· Distractions – Dog, laundry, dishes, lawn, sunshine... there are a million reasons a guy like me can pick from to not move forward and get crackin’. And I choose one from time to time because it gives my brain a break. I get to sweat for an hour or so. Our house is well manicured. My head is clear. Back at it. I’m learning this is a good thing, just be aware of the “wander” in my brain, when I get outdoors and online.

· Schedule – Doing this from home, it’s very difficult for me to create and stick to a schedule. The only thing I can think of is to reward myself when I do, be it a sweet treat, a pat on the back or whatever. I’m open to any and all ideas when it comes to keeping a schedule for the home business owner.

· Perfection – I didn’t publish my website for weeks because it didn’t meet my expectations. I was afraid I’d lose business because it may have looked like an amateur created it. I didn’t have my first demo produced because I wanted it to be THE DEMO. I am learning that every single business started at square 1. Websites were mediocre at best, messages convoluted, branding was shoddy and owners were scared shitless. In order to become great, you gotta fail. A lot. Just don’t forget to learn and adapt.

Again, these are just a few things I came up with. There are others and being cognizant of both positive and negative attributes will help me be a better business owner. And ultimately happier.

Now... where did I put my pants.

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